Gen3 & nHANCE Agree Distribution Deal

Gen3 Kinematics are delighted to announce an agreement with nHANCE to become their official distributor in the UK for their unique YoYo technology equipment.

nHANCE™ equipment is driven by YoYo Technology™ – the original and patented innovation that has been validated by scientific studies in cooperation with renowned athletes and sports teams, coaches, physiotherapists and international research laboratories across the globe.

The equipment utilises the moment of inertia produced by one or more flywheels, instead of weights stacks, magnets, electricity or any other conventional solution to enhance eccentric muscle actions. It is the only equipment that can offer an optimal resistance curve in eccentric muscle actions, without any friction or sticking points.

YoYo Technology equipment has been scientifically validated to benefit all aspects of sport and training and rehabilitaion all the way from the International Space station to everyday gym users! Click the links below to find out more information!

Why Eccentric Training? 

Lifting Weights in Zero G

Serving Elite Sport

Rehab & Medical

Giving gyms a competitive edge and image