Exeter Chiefs endorse MyoQuip Systems

PTI instructor Mark Twiggs was signed up as a strength & conditioning specialist following 14 years' service in the Royal Marines. He has spent the last eight years training Royal Marine recruits in all aspects of strength and physical conditioning from initial arrival to the completion of 32 weeks' arduous military training culminating in the Commando tests.

In 2005, Twiggs furthered his skills by attending the Joint Service School of Remedial Instruction at the Defence Service Rehabilitation Centre, where he attained the qualification of Rehabilitation Instructor and has spent the last three years at the rehabilitation centre at Lympstone, dealing with the many and varied injuries of Royal Marine recruits and permanent staff, from initial trauma to full physical return to training or posts within 3 Commando brigade.

Twiggs's sports rehabilitation degree also means he will be of use to the physiotherapy department at Exeter Chiefs too. He has already worked with the club as well as Bath and Leeds Carnegie and the Royal Navy and Royal Marine rugby squads, acting as head of strength and conditioning and medical care support for the Royal Navy rugby team for the past two years.

Before becoming a PTI, Twiggs served the 42 Commando Royal Marines, deploying to major commitments around the globe.

"We are really pleased with the performance gains that the players have achieved through using Gen3's MyoQuip equipment. Our testing scores have been consistently good by all of the players and the guys are now fitter and stronger than ever. We use their equipment heavily in our programmes and It has definitely helped us improve our performances as we continue to progress in the Premiership. I would recommend Gen3's MyoQuip equipment to anyone."

Mark Twiggs - Head of S&C, Exeter Chiefs