Sydney University

David Fitter, former Wallabies, ACT Brumbies, Western Force and Sydney University front row forward.

"It's a great machine for developing pushing power in a controlled way", he said. "It's also unique; there is no other machine available where you can train by yourself to develop individual pushing power. Other machines require the whole pack to participate, but they are more for technique than developing pushing power. This is specific to the requirement of the game and much more effective than doing squats."


Mike Cronin, PDHPE Dept, St Aloysius' College, Sydney (Strength and conditioning coach for Firsts Rugby, Soccer, Basketball and Tennis)

"A short report on the MyoTruk - The boys from Rugby are using to the max and enjoying same. Furthermore, I have convinced the boys doing squats the advantage of using the machine in lieu of squats. The Athletic and Basketball squads doing Plyometrics with me find the machine a great help to warm up and build up Quads before Plyometric Sessions."


Steve Surridge, All Black and Head Coach 2005, Sydney University Football Club

"For the past two years we have used the MyoTruk as part of our weight training program. The MyoTruk is the best machine available for replicating the scrummaging action and as a result we have seen some dramatic improvements in the scrummaging strength of our development players."