Gen3 Kinematics launches new ‘GruntSled’ resistance training sled.

Gen3 Kinematics is delighted to announce the GruntSled to add to their range of unique strength training equipment. The GruntSled is designed for use as an on-field power developer with a number of alternative pushing positions. Unlike conventional sleds, the short narrow tubular base of the GruntSled means it will easily veer from a straight line without the correct force application. This activates the core muscles to work harder during the movement to keep it moving in the correct direction.

The GruntSled also incorporates Gen3’s patented BBC (Broad Biomechanical Correspondence) Technology by using chain that can be attached to the sled. This means that the load can be progressively increased the further the sled is pushed, thus making it harder to push throughout the movement.  

The GruntSled can be used just like any other sled and has a variety of accessories available that can contribute to a full body workout.

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