BungyPump University Testing

Test Report from Mid Seden University

Validation of BungyPump training poles

Test leader:
Hampus Lindblom, Marko Laaksonen In this project, poles known as BungyPumps were compared with similar poles without special suspension, when walking on a treadmill. In all, 11 people took part in the project and all of them were required to walk with BungyPumps and traditional walking poles, on a flat and sloping treadmill, in randomized order, for a total of 6 minutes. During the test, oxygen consumption was measured (energy consumption) and it was noted how much strain in legs, arms and breathing was experienced.

Walking with BungyPump training poles resulted in 18% higher oxygen consumption on a flat surface and 9% higher oxygen consumption on a sloping surface. This is approximately equal to an 80 kcal and 60 kcal higher consumption respectively, compared with traditional walking poles, if the period of exercise is 60 minutes in total.

When pole walking, BungyPump training poles achieve higher energy consumption than traditional walking poles without suspension. In addition, BungyPumps can feel less strenuous for the arms when pole walking. These aspects can be an advantage if, for example, you want to increase your energy consumption (e.g. when trying to lose weight).